Down for a week?

It’s day two of the horrendous torture of my pinched sciatic. I know there are worse pains to suffer, but I think this is the worst I’ve ever suffered in my life. My girlfriend tells me I’ll be down for about a week, and I can hardly wrap my head around it.

The physical pain goes from feeling like a stake driven into the spine onto a more general ripping of tendons across my entire back and legs down to behind the knee. But what pisses me off is that I didn’t even DO anything to cause it that I can think of. I was just standing there about to pick up a pencil or something and that stabbing feeling just above the tailbone suddenly dropped me to my knees.NOT FAIR, life! At least let me have a good snowboarding or stupid moment story to go with it.

Nope, just smitten with a sudden shot of crippling pain. After pondering possible causes, I concluded that it’s a combination of sleeping on an old, broken down bed, working in shoes that are falling apart, and driving for part of my income.


Author: Goose Andeluse

Compulsive maker and fowl carpenter.

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