Consistency Week 2

​So, here I am to keep record of my challenge for 2017-Consistency. One year of giving others my attention each week; one contact to build my network and one hour to my girl. 

This last week, I reached out to another close friend and school colleague, Seth. We ran Tough Mudder together a few years ago, worked together on many projects, studied together for tests, and much more. He keeps his calendar full, so I guess we’ll be meeting this coming week. He’s damn smart when it comes to business, so I’m hoping to throw my biz ideas in front of him for some feedback. 

My girl and I went out for a date! It’s been weeks, months even, since we were kid free, so just going downtown for a Killer Burger and beer was a treat. We rode the Max light rail into town. The thing about pub-trans is that some days, the colorful characters are thick. Last night was one of those nights. One guy was wrapping himself up in his hoodie, moaning in pain. Coming down or withdrawing for something, I imagine. There was a group of guys talking about fights in prison and how east coast prisons are harder than west coast. Then, one other normal commuter sat near us with his ear buds in, trying but clearly failing to drown out his environment. 

Anyway, the burgers were bomb, as their logo suggests and my experience confirms! I had the house double red ale, and Kim had an IIPA. Full to the hilt, we walked up to Henry’s for a nightcap. I had the Stone Who You Callin’ a Wuss Pilsner and she had one of my all time favs, Double Mountain Vaporizer. We hopped on the last Max home, and it unexpectedly ended 4 stops short of ours. We were stranded with a homeless guy that decided to park himself on the bench for the eve, a drunkard yelling about getting to a hospital for heart medication, and a teenage couple with irate parents that were not coming to the rescue. We had no choice but to Uber our way to the car. A pleasant ride back, giving the kids a gratuitous lift, wrapped up the evening. 


Author: Goose Andeluse

Compulsive maker and fowl carpenter.

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