Consistency Week 3

​So, here I am to keep record of my challenge for 2017-Consistency. One year of giving others my attention each week; one contact to build my network and one hour to my girl.

The weather here finally broke this weekend for a quick bit of spring sunshine. With life being so busy, we have to appreciate the simple things like taking the kids to the park. While we may not have been able to devote a full hour together in one shot, we were able to get a couple juggle sessions in. Things are still muddy and my shirt was a modern art masterpiece by time we were done. 

I tried to make contact with a gentleman that is heading up some sort of support group for dads. Well, details being lost somewhere along the line, I never connected with him. I also missed meeting my friend Seth downtown, but doing so made the kid-work logistics work out better.

The tough part of consistency is keeping at something, even through periods of limited return. It’s important to stick with it, keeping in mind that some days or weeks will be better than others. 


Author: Goose Andeluse

Compulsive maker and fowl carpenter.

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