Consistency Week 4

​​So, here I am to keep record of my challenge for 2017-Consistency. One year of giving others my attention each week; one contact to build my network and one hour to my girl.

This last week has been a rough one. I made contact with a friend regarding two crates of belongings he’s been kind enough to make room for. The guy goes by Hawk, and he is a pretty interesting character. A fellow Marine, I figure him to have lived through Vietnam, but I don’t ask. Mostly, I don’t want to be asked about my time and I assume others don’t, either. Seems reasonable to assume his line of business goes along with trying to handle society in the wake of his service. He spent a number of years as a hermit and reckoned he was better off. Health issues finally drove him back to society to the VA hospital. He’s an odd guy, but he still carries himself and talks like a hard charger. He gets it. 

I almost missed a week without spending just one relaxing hour with my girl, and I only managed it by surprising her. Moving pretty much absorbed our whole week. We originally planned on celebrating the move on Friday night, but the kids were crazy and it was St Paddy’s Day. So, she went out and drove the drunkards around while I made dinner and reassembled the bunk bed. Saturday night, we had a bottle of Old Knucklehead to mark the occasion with. However, once again we went out driving since Nanna and Papa were nice enough to take Kiley. We wrapped it up around 1 am and came home. Instead of time together, she decided to have a bath (with the beer). In the morning, she made the last cup of coffee and hit the road again. I went to the store for coffee, and decided a proper breakfast was overdue. So, peppered bacon and eggs it was. She came home for a break just as it was all done cooking and we finally got our time together for the week. 


Author: Goose Andeluse

Compulsive maker and fowl carpenter.

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