Happy Devastation, Dear

Here it comes. This week is set to be emotional ground zero for Kim. I have spent my very last bit of energy moving belongings. There’s still so much left. Painted pots, the workbench I made her, a collection of paint to satisfy the most adventurous artist, and all the plants. Maybe a dozen rose bushes, humongous hellebore, wallflowers, azaleas… A couple chicken coops could be sold for a few hundred, but haven’t yet. There’s the washer and dryer. Never mind her grandma’s dresser because the real bugger is her old truck piled high with a second load of garbage. We don’t have the money to dump it or even insure the vehicle for the two mile trip. 

We turn over the old rental on Thursday. I assume we’ll owe even more money for all the disposal fees. Thanks to communication issues, we still have no childcare for the rest of the month. So, I don’t have much opportunity to make money. 

The kick in the pants is that Kim’s birthday is in a couple days. I have nothing but disappointment to offer. I haven’t conjured up the money to pay anything this month aside from my car. Her ‘aunt flow’ is also visiting, so that doesn’t help either. The hell is a guy supposed to do in this position? I hope she can appreciate sharpie art on a moving box, because that’s about all I got at this point. 😧


Author: Goose Andeluse

Compulsive maker and fowl carpenter.

3 thoughts on “Happy Devastation, Dear”

      1. I hear you, my lovely ❤️. The feeling of powerlessness is a dank feeling indeed. Sending you warm thoughts of hope and strength 💜💙

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