Leave a Gift, Receive a Gift

Superb serendipity


Wow, the big week is finally over as of turning in keys at 4 pm today. I was fully peeved and over it all after paying almost two hundred for a second storage unit that could have been avoided with less procrastination. There was so much still left as of yesterday and the anxiety multiplied. We stayed until the kids’ bedtime trying to sweep and pick up the old place. Of course, a completely empty house is a quite unusual thing for a child to experience, so they were wild with excitement. They ran around outside doing circles through the bay and man doors of the garage while we cleaned. They refused to keep their heads dry, just to keep on top of aging their parents with worry. At the end of the evening, Kim drove her truck loaded to the hilt with plants to park on the street outside our new apartment. 

Not that it was entirely by choice as much as circumstance, but she said adieu to just a couple flowers. 

This one has probably both split its rotten wood barrel and grown into the ground, too. There was a near dead fern in the same situation. 

I could’ve swore this rose was planted just last year, but it has pretty well settled in either way. 

Ha ha! Oh, the mini rose that got run over by the lawn mower, it refuses to die! 

The slugs might win over a couple of these, but at least we had one season of color. 

So, we didn’t get to fully clean everything. I spent my morning hauling bags of trash, cardboard, and old paint out of the garage. Not that it would make any real difference with all the moss, but I gave the driveway a sweep. As exhausted as I was, emotionally as well as physically, the neat freak in me was having a last minute itch and half-hearted as it was, I swept.

It’s been tough to work through this whole move with Kim. As a child, my parents moved often, and always to different towns. Moving long distance is both traumatic and challenging with a family. But then I had been assigned to logistics in the Corps. Not only did I personally stay on the move, but my whole job was to move people and equipment onto various shipping vessels. Just before kicking off engineering school, I worked for United Van Lines moving households. Believe me, I got this thing down. I am a furniture Tetris master! 

This is the third time Kim has ever moved, and it wasn’t under very happy circumstances. She grieved intensely for three whole days over selling her chickens, and then some over her ducks, tearing down the coop, etc. Of course, there must be grieving, and I want to be sensitive to that. However, I kept reminding her that freezing up with emotion caused me anxiety every day that ticked by without making any progress on the moving. The other half of the anxiety builds up over the sheer chaos of things. Boxes over filled beyond stackable, random things from different rooms in a box, and all the clutter that remained despite the number of passes through. Where is this? Have you seen that? Ugh, just chaos. She thinks it’s okay, and at some point I drove the point of my frustration home by admitting how it upset me that she lost the ring I got for her. Having lost it in the first place upset her, but knowing that it upset me as well made it worse. The mess is just not okay when it consumes the important things, and that was one of them. 

I still maintain that my very nature would have driven me to sweep the mossy driveway, but I have to admit there was something powerful and divine behind this one. 

I didn’t get a chance to present it before she found it in the cup holder on our way to turn in keys. She called me a jerk and has been teary with joy for most the evening. I couldn’t have matched this for a birthday gift with any amount of money.

Author: Goose Andeluse

Compulsive maker and fowl carpenter.

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