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Where are all the J plugs??


🎵 “I’m going to Electric Avenue.” ☝🔌

ChadeMo-Tesla, ChadeMo-Tesla, ChadeMo-Tesla…and ONE count it, ONE J plug station. After circling the block a few times, I gave up. Fortunately, I was the only Volt driver so instead of squeezing alongside the curb, I got to drive on the sidewalk!

Ah! And what else to put the cherry on the top other than parking next to the 8th generation Arcimoto! I first saw this awesome machine years ago when it was little more than a roll cage and a dream. I can hardly tell you how inspiring it is to see the dream alive and so close to actually being on the road! 

I was in school and so motivated about electric vehicles, but alas there were no really relevant courses to take. I started off on an electric motorcycle project that is disappointingly parked in storage still far from drivable. My renewable energy program, for whatever reason, wasn’t all that hip to the revolution that had, at the time, just started to ramp up. I did a project with a guy, Ryan, who ended up getting an internship for Arcimoto. I was jealous. So, so jealous. I had applied to a few other vehicle tech startups as well as Daimler, and got no offers. Good on Ryan, though, he deserved it.

Another driver, Chris, was so damn proud that his Leaf got center stage. I was just relieved to see someone so proud of showing off their car with a little evidence of the same kind of mistake I just made on Monday. I guess half our business comes from places that people don’t want to drive for a reason. So, it’s to be expected. Ugh, freaking Hawthorne Boulevard gets even the best of us. 

Here’s the real kick in the pants. I’m admiring the other Arcimoto here, and I see a blast from the past. One of my professors, Dr. Petrovic, brought a Senior to talk about continuing the work on the battery pack that Ryan started. 

It’s good to know that people care. My school was nice and small, and his classes were the smallest. I liked him from the start and ended up taking every class he taught. Most of my colleagues hated taking his class, because every term he had cooked up some kooky new teaching method. I rocked it and took on every bit of electrochemical knowledge he could dish out. 

Honestly, as much as I enjoyed university, I’m pretty embarrassed about dropping out. I was so close, a lot of people assumed I graduated and simply couldn’t make it to the ceremony. I feel like a total loser revealing the truth, and I’m still learning to stomach it. Had it been anyone else from school, I might have turned the other way and hid in my car. 

Dr. Petrovic has been wondering what happened to me. It’s not like the professors are allowed to dig into your file to find a number or address. I hated Linked In from the moment I tried to use it, and also closed the only door my professors could knock on. I mean, I’m just part of the other 25% that doesn’t shake the Dean’s hand over a piece of paper when they leave. Life was a dream for a few years, then I came back to the working world. Well, he tells me he’s not going to let me call it a day on my education. Maybe he can hook me up with a cool internship and concoct some solution to my financial stalling. I try to remember that the best things in the world take time. We can’t all be Elon Musk and break out with a production vehicle in a few short years. However, I will go ahead and finish this blog by ogling the Tesla Model X and try to remember why these things used to inspire me. Enjoy! 

Lamborghini style back doors! So cool, unless you have to pick up drunk people that aren’t expecting the door to come at them and up! Mary did demonstrate that the double articulated door only needs about a foot of clearance…and that the sensors do not always keep the door from slowly, gingerly opening into you if you stand too close! 

I have to wonder, of the $100k or so that this ride costs, how much is tied up in this giant touch screen!? That thing makes a clipboard look small! What the hell do you need this thing to be so big for? 

Yes, 7 seats! Quite the urban assault vehicle! Except whoever gets the very back two seats better be small. 

Huge touch screen, and all the utility of the vehicle is wasted on jump seats. They do fold down, I guess, but I’d be worried about scratching up that nice, reflective mylar trim. Still, it’s a beauty of a ride!

That’s about all for today. Hope you enjoyed the pics! 

Author: Goose Andeluse

Compulsive maker and fowl carpenter.

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