Celebrate the Throws

Overcoming the plateau


You try so hard just to get something going up, “…and the whole world conspires to pull it back to the ground.”

It has been two weeks since the kids’ week off. The weather has been relatively crappy, but already I feel the aching desire to throw clubs. With noses to the grindstone, it’s been all work, no play for our household. We also failed to meet our daily quotas 5 out of 6 days this week. 

If anything, I just needed some inspiration. I perused some videos and gave a TEDx clip a watch. I absolutely love what Paul Miller says about personal development. Nobody is born with the innate talent to juggle, just as nobody is born knowing how to live a balanced life. We break things down into smaller, more achievable pieces. That one very simple piece, like learning to juggle a single ball, is not insignificant. 

Celebrate the Throws. Because it took some measurable, achievable amount of skill to do that one thing. Anyone with children understands that every small thing had to be learned at some point. 

Embrace the drops. Because the only way to prevent dropping things is non-participation. Try to investigate the result, learn from it, and modify your approach. It’s easy to focus on one thing. Bringing a second focus into the mix requires a certain way of thinking. You can’t take shortcuts here, because you will limit your ability to work up to more. Discipline yourself to learn the right way, and you retain your ability to grow. Do not reinforce obstacles that do not put you on the path to where you want to go. 

The third step is a freebie. After you’ve learned to do the first two things, the rest is just a continuation. Just keep doing it over and over. Keep things going; it’s good enough for some people and they tell others they can do it. But, jugglers desire to repeat the process. Throw. Drop. Celebrate. Embrace. 

Work through plateaus. (Coming from my experience) There will be dry spells for achievements. Whether you’ve overlooked a preliminary skill or simply haven’t given yourself the time to perfect what you know, you can’t let plateaus stop you from trying to learn. Know that learning happens along the way, even when you are not hitting milestones. 

Author: Goose Andeluse

Compulsive maker and fowl carpenter.

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