Run For Your Life

Despite any not so great Jarhead habits I may still carry, falling back on military foundations mostly serve me well. 

We’ve been struggling for a while. Finances, intimacy, and every little and large life crisis that came our way. Health issues have plagued us for nearly as long as we’ve been together. 

Although her thyroid levels are known to be off, there are a myriad of symptoms that show up from time to time that we haven’t really pinned down. We’ve adjusted our lives so many times trying to relieve this issue or that. I’m not accustomed to having health issues, so my pinched nerve was the final red flag. As we were moving out, I found my Brooks and it occurred to me that I had completely abandoned running for the entire time we lived in that house. 

It sounds contradictory, but expending energy can actually give you more energy. There’s this sluggish feeling that consumes your muscles and mind. It’s not like an ache or pain that you can pinpoint. It’s just a blah kind of feeling. I always found that even a couple light miles would shake off whatever funk or mental block I might be in. 

Sometimes, it’s just a matter of sweating out the stress. Running gets all the fluids pumping, digestion unstuck, and a good amount of whatever toxins you might enjoy putting into your body out.

Other times, the runner’s high is what does the trick. It’s really just meditation with a high energy spend. And scenery. The downside is that it might take up to 3 miles of running to get there and many new runners don’t get there at all. 

One major benefit to running, and you can hardly believe it until you experience it, is mental stamina. There’s a certain feeling of achievement that comes with running. When your day is crappy and you can’t get anything right, at least you can say you completed a run and did that much for yourself. Running is all mental. Even I don’t always feel like taking that first step, especially in the cold rain, but once I do my body quickly finds its pace, my mind clears, and it’s just one foot in front of the other. 

Whatever effect is most desired of running, the fact is that your body will benefit from all of these. You will feel less stressed, more focused, and have more energy. Kim found that regular running increased her thyroid activity and she is now on a lower dose. The earth shattering anxiety attacks are more manageable when they do occur. Even the soreness of sitting all day is reduced by regular exercise. 

We enjoyed our first week since December of actually exceeding our financial goals. Even though we had to push out a 7 day work week to do it, it gave us the padding we need for the first of the month. I quit while I was ahead of my nicotine fiend, cut it off at two packs. Little victories add up, and even when you feel like you are losing every battle you can still conquer a 30 min sweat. 


Author: Goose Andeluse

Compulsive maker and fowl carpenter.

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