Inside and Out 

Whew! What a week. My plate was filled to the edge this week and I put in 6 long days of work. 

Sunday had me replacing a couple light switches and a Pushmatic breaker before having to get on a roof and peel open a wall from the outside. My good friend also summoned me to look at some flooring work. 

Monday, I solved a power issue by updating a circuit to a garage. Unfortunately, the conduit going outside was inside the ceiling located inside a cabinet, so I once again had to perform some minor house surgery.

Tuesday was the start of my big challenge of the week. I had to locate, isolate, and pull a new circuit to an outlet. I opened the access panel to the ceiling and scoped it out. All the existing work was laid out nice and neat, so I had that going for me. It looked like a day and maybe another half to do the whole thing. I spent the afternoon crawling through insulation in 130 degree heat.

Wednesday I had to figure out how to fit my drill into the rafter space to bring a wire into the wall from above. There was just enough room to fit my hand and wrist, so I had to set my drill on top of the wall at an open end and scoot it along to where I needed it. After getting the outlet end sorted, I came to the panel end and my progress was thwarted by seismic structural upgrades. After struggling for a couple hours to pull the wire through the wall, I had to call it a loss. The only way I could get the wire to the panel would be by opening the wall, and that wasn’t possible while food handling was being done in the same space! The rest of the afternoon and evening I spent wrapped up head to toe pulling up flee infested carpet. 

Thursday morning, I ran late getting out the door. It was especially bad since I realized after the fact that I had delayed their order fulfillment schedule by my dust making. I also realized why I was having such a hard time pulling even the fish pole through the wall. Great Stuff isn’t easy to deal with after going through two 2x4s, so open wall was my only real option. 

The rest of that day, I spent peeling up vinyl flooring and racing to the dump to get there just 3 minutes before closing. I squeezed in a last bit of cleaning up flooring before hustling back to get my son. 

Friday morning I got a chance to sleep in and have a quiet morning. I had a small deck repair and outlet in a crawlspace to replace. After establishing power to the outlet, but not getting anything to actually work being plugged in, I had to admit defeat to another puzzle. It seemed that neither of the white wires was 120V difference from the black and I didn’t have time to poke around any further. My buddy was back in town and I still had flooring to remove. He and his wife were both gone again by time I made it there, but they left me a Fort George IPA for my hard work!

I have to say that one advantage of working for yourself seems to be just how much people seem to care about your well being. Whether a beverage, snack, meal, or otherwise, it feels good to be nourished by the people you work for. 😊


Author: Goose Andeluse

Compulsive maker and fowl carpenter.

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