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Goes on and on

Just because I can perform a white glove field day (cleaning to near impossible standards) doesn’t mean I appreciate inspections of my living quarters. Still, as a renter, I am subject to at least one per year. Well, the least I can do is make the experience as unpleasant for them as possible for the grief they like to paper us with. 

Luckily for me, they came knocking before I left this morning! I hope I emphasized “screens on the windows before our kids fall out of them” enough times for them to think about putting some in after numerous maintenance requests and emails have failed to prompt them. Our tap water (where it does work) is fucking yellow, okay? Assholes. Hope they enjoyed their earful of my list as much as I enjoy paying too much for this place. 

Oh, the power of a list! Okay, so nobody likes a list of ‘unacceptable shit’ or ‘reasons you suck at <blank>.’ It’s just an ugly bludgeoning device. Lists are usually a force for good, though it still would be good if our shower mist and toilet visits were fanned out of the bathroom. Maybe before the optimal for fungus growing rainy season comes? Oh, it’s already here, never mind. 

Well, I’ve sure been thinking about life pretty deep lately. If I can say anything for certain, it’s that I like to project. Like many poor souls with overactive minds and itchy hands, I have a few waiting to be finished and some waiting to be started. Being extremely challenged for space, I don’t have a ton of half-done projects laying around. When I do have space, well you get the idea!

Now, I have this glorious creation of mine, this milling machine. It’s not name-brand, top of the line, state of the art anything. What it is, is about the most machine I could conjure up for the smallest price I could summon. What to do with it? What can it do? Gosh, just about anything! I have been following Hackaday, and it’s really sparked my interests again. People making giant sized Lego bricks, experiments with UHF waves suspending water droplets, and other makers building ridiculous rendering machines like a tower climbing paint can wielding printing machine. 

Looking around my house, I see possible projects in every disorganized corner. I could dream up projects all day! I do often find, especially when the projects start piling up, that I sometimes have to list them out and prioritize from that. After reading other blogs this week, I’ve been considering what to do with my online self and have been pondering doing videos and maybe even making a live presence on instagram. Maybe regular visibility or even a weekly blog will get things moving for me. I can’t say for certain, but I can say that as long as there’s a breath in me, I will be trying to fenagle (sp?) some kind of contraption together! 

So, without further adieu, here is my current list of project ideas I’d like to tackle.

  1. Upgrade CNC drives. 
  2. Add dust collection to CNC.
  3. Giant connect 4.
  4. Convert old cabinet to aquaponics system. 
  5. Design and play with joinery on CNC.
  6. Model the Ikea designed grow room sphere. 
  7. Make a Roomba device to clean our floors. 
  8. Experiment with alternative clothes dryer. 
  9. Fidget spinners for the kids. 
  10. Wood bearings. 
  11. Shelves and more shelves. 
  12. Planter shelves. 
  13. Bunk bed from pallets.
  14. Queen bed frame with drawers and headboard. 
  15. 180 degree panel saw
  16. Holiday engravings. 
  17. Shop smith powered drum sander.
  18. CNC capability for lathe. 
  19. Full-function wood recovery machine.
  20. 3D printer
  21. Light up LED sign. 
  22. Wooden gears.
  23. Phone mount. 
  24. Phone case. 
  25. Propellers and whirligig wings.
  26. Timing belt transmission. 
  27. Juggling gear caddy.
  28. Hat rack.
  29. Deacons bench (out of pallets?)
  30. Tool boxes, cause you can never have enough! 
  31. Spice rack.
  32. Build it yourself, educational motor kits. 
  33. Table saw motor rebuild. 
  34. Wind turbine from recycle-able materials (I know it’s been beat to death, but it’s so damn enticing)
  35. Monitor mount and accessory holder for CNC
  36. Coffee grinder mod.
  37. Espresso tamper. 
  38. Folding wood boxes.
  39. Clothes hangers

Okay, I’m stretching for those last few, but I can guarantee I dream up another dozen projects before I actually complete a dozen of these. Some of these are projects I’d really like to see done and some are more simply flights of imagination. But hey, at least I still have that about me! 

What do you think? Could I manage a weekly production on the topic of making stuff? Is there anything you would like to see made? Does anyone have any tips on doing a weekly video or live feed? Let me know! 

More Doing

In trying to shake this funk, I have come to realize that I no longer have a space in the house to claim as my own. There is a desk with a computer, but said computer is about to give up the ghost as well. I don’t really get quiet time to sit and do anything productive, either. 

Still, I have to make something. It’s just what keeps me able to wake up day to day. I shouldn’t imply that my family doesn’t do that for me, but I really lose the wind in my sail being little more than a babysitter day in and day out. I have to do stuff, keep my hands and my brain busy. 

I’m wishing I had a shop space again, as power bumps screw with the machine and usually makes it freeze. I also have just barely enough room to walk around the thing. Nonetheless, I finally got what I was after. 

I’ll take any kind of success I can get right now! 

Finally, back to making sawdust! 

That’s really all I have wanted out of life for a while. To stop this thing from being something I’m working on doing, and to finally say it’s what I do

Service Counter

Finally installed, and I really enjoyed making it. The counter top came out pretty nice, and I’m now pretty happy that I have an extra panel of oak glued up for my own enjoyment. I’m thinking a coffee table would be nice. 

Really, given the color of everything else in the room, I feel like this was a bit light. They went with it because they liked the red in this stain. 

Classic supply chain management fail right here. First, I priced out and built these doors based on ‘saloon door’ double action spring return hinges. I bought them from a local supplier who urged me to opt for gravity return hinges at about 3x the price. After those hinges sat in a bag for a week, I came around to their thinking and decided these folks would not appreciate the ‘Ka-Thunk!  Ka-thunk ka-thunk thunk thunk’ while focusing on their laptops. So, I went to install on Sunday. I live in a city, and weekends are indistinguishable from weekdays in my life, so I hadn’t thought that the store would be closed. 

No big deal, I thought. I got the girlfriend on the job of finding those hinges while I loaded everything up and made the drive to the site. She called around then finally called me to report that nobody in town that’s open on Sunday had those hinges. Fine, let’s just get these janky ones from the big box store. I opened the app, found the ones I need, confirmed they were in stock, and texted her the description, SKU, etc. 

She couldn’t find them, and Sunday I walked away from the install without doors hung. 

So, Monday I went back to the first store to swap the hinges out, pay the extra $40 and get the doors hung. I already stopped by the orange box to return what I didn’t use and spotted the hinges I had sent Kim for the day before. They were fully stocked. I looked them over real hard, then decided against purchasing them because I wasn’t sure if they would hold open as needed. It was only $7, and I had just returned $20 of stuff I purchased to ensure not running out of anything during the project. I didn’t buy them. Then later in the morning, after circling the hardware store 3 times to find parking, I am standing there in line waiting to finally get these damn hinges. The attendant was the same one, so I tell him to swap em out and I wish I would have taken his advice earlier. “Did I tell you about how I installed these hinges in my…?” he begins. I nod and he tells me all about it on our way back. He hands me two boxes and I inspect them. “Are these the hold open type?” I ask to confirm. Nope, they weren’t. The hold opens would be yet another $15 more per hinge. Ugh! Well, 4x the price pretty well blows the budget, but I want to deliver quality. I shake my head and tell him whatever, just put them in my hand so my wallet can go get sucker punched and I can get on with life. Oh, there’s only one hinge. Can I get it expedited? Sure can. For another $40. How soon? A week at best. Gah! 

I then kill an hour slogging through traffic to go to the orange box and buy their stupid hinges. They are crap. They irritate me with their blatantly careless design that makes the door just refuse to rest exactly centered. But they were fully stocked, so I threw down my seven bucks, hung the doors, got paid. 

Whew! Lesson learned, purchase absolutely all the materials at the beginning of the project, even the expensive things you don’t need until the end. 

Artist’s Eye

So, I’m gluing together this counter top and thought I’d share a bit. ☺

Choosing pieces to go together. I cut down a pretty healthy stack of lumber to produce all these pieces, so I have to pick and choose the ones that best fit my idea of what this should look like. 

No, that’s not it. 


Okay, I’m satisfied. Time to glue. 

Ugh! One board oriented wrong and somehow I made it too short. All that time and energy, only to make it wrong. 😣

Okay, so I just passed time practicing on a, uh, coffee table? Sure, I’ll just make this one into a table. 

Take 2. Action!

Alright, making sure it’s the right size this time.

Some marks might help me keep it straight!

So far, so good. 

Whew! Finally got it all glued up the way I wanted it. Now the question to answer is do I screw around with the hand plane or buy a bit and fire up the CNC inside my storage unit like I’m not supposed to do and plane it the quick and awesome way? Hmm, decisions. 😈