Artist’s Eye

So, I’m gluing together this counter top and thought I’d share a bit. ☺

Choosing pieces to go together. I cut down a pretty healthy stack of lumber to produce all these pieces, so I have to pick and choose the ones that best fit my idea of what this should look like. 

No, that’s not it. 


Okay, I’m satisfied. Time to glue. 

Ugh! One board oriented wrong and somehow I made it too short. All that time and energy, only to make it wrong. 😣

Okay, so I just passed time practicing on a, uh, coffee table? Sure, I’ll just make this one into a table. 

Take 2. Action!

Alright, making sure it’s the right size this time.

Some marks might help me keep it straight!

So far, so good. 

Whew! Finally got it all glued up the way I wanted it. Now the question to answer is do I screw around with the hand plane or buy a bit and fire up the CNC inside my storage unit like I’m not supposed to do and plane it the quick and awesome way? Hmm, decisions. 😈


Back to Work

Well, here I am with the same backlog of projects I was pondering over a week ago. My space is very limited, so I can’t leave much piled up or it prevents me from using any of it. I often think about the clever ways I’ve seen Japanese homes used when I’m working. The layout shifts and morphs with every project I tackle. One day I might have a runway cleared to haul in sheet materials and rip them down. Next day there might be hardly any room to walk as I set up sawhorses for assembly. The most surprising feat was building a structure inside the garage which, laid on its side, barely fit through the entire garage door. 

In the foreground of this pic is a set of small boxes waiting to be glued together. In the background, a set of nesting boxes needing one final piece to be complete. I sometimes struggle to complete things, and it’s a habit that I’ve cursed my father for as a kid. These boxes, and one in particular, are now 3 weeks overdue. The lids to them are also half complete, still clamped in the machine awaiting a finishing pass. The nesting boxes require only one more piece cut on the table saw and nailed to the front. 

A set of mason jar crates is also due this week, but may require more material than I have available at the moment. Of course, much of this is all work that hopes to turn more money in the not so distant future. With rent coming due very soon, I also have to get after other, more immediately paying work. I’m off to the mach shop now. I will try to post on projects as they progress, so that will not be routine, but will be somewhat frequent!